Negligible News Day II: Ricky Martin Says Si To Hillary Clinton
  Remember Ricky Martin? Yep, the crooner who is responsible for the tune Livin La Vida Loca, which we all had to listen to for what felt like an eternity after the hit was released in 1999. Well, Martin, a Puerto Rican, now has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton ahead of the Democratic primary in Puerto Rico on Sunday.

"These elections will have historic repercussions both in the United States and the world. Senator Clinton has always been consistent in her commitment with the needs of the Latino community," Martin said in a statement released by the Clinton campaign. The former First Lady stated in a press release she feels "honored to have Ricky Martin's support. He is a very important voice in the Latino community and together we will work to improve the lives of families and children across the country."

In the 2001 presidential campaign, Martin had supported then Governor George W. Bush. The duo apparently hit it off so well that Martin performed at a pre-inaugural celebration for Bush.

A later falling out was triggered apparently by the Iraq war, which Martin opposed.

Now Martin is backing Hillary Clinton, who, by the way, in 2001 also backed the Iraq war. So maybe the war isn't the only reason Martin is supporting Clinton instead of Barack Obama, who opposed the war from the get-go. What are Ricky Martin's reasons then beyond Hillary Clinton's "committment" to Latinos? Hard to say, and also not that important. Clinton was already projected to win big in Puerto Rico prior to Ricky Martin's endorsement.

So what does all this signify? Nothing really. Just another piece of Negligible News.
Michael Knigge 31.05.2008, 15:15 # 2 Comments
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  What exactly has Hillary Clinton done for Latinos? That's what I want to know! And please do not argue that her husband ex-President Bill Clinton did a lot to help Latinos because that is a myth which has circulated the Latino community for years! What Latinos should know is the following...in 1996 President Clinton signed off on one of the most anti-immigrant laws and let's not forget the militarization of the US-Mexico border which ocurred during the Clinton years! Considering that Ricky Martin supported President George W. Bush, doesn't really give him much creditability. Ricky, please stick to singing!  
  Christina | Homepage | E-Mail | 02.06.2008, 19:24  
  Clinton is for ending the war and quickly. She is not pro-war.
Do you even read the news?
  Caha | Homepage | E-Mail | 01.06.2008, 13:39