What Barack Obama Might Say In German To His Berlin Audience
  Much has been written about what German sentence Barack Obama might utter during his foreign policy speech at the Victory Column in Berlin on Thursday. So far the clear favorite is "Ich kann zuhören" (I can listen).

Fair enough. Listening skills are important not just for a Democratic presidential candidate. But we here at Across the Pond have a few more suggestions how Obama might impress his German followers. To be taken with a grain of salt, please:

"Ich bin ein Popstar."

"Ich mag George W. Bush genauso wenig wie Ihr."
(I can't stand George W. Bush as much as you guys.)

"Ich wünschte Ihr könntet wählen."
(I wish you could vote.)

"Ich wünschte ich hätte für diese Veranstaltung Eintritt verlangt."
(I wish I would have charged admission for this event.)

Other suggestions what Obama should tell his German audience? Let us know.
Michael Knigge 23.07.2008, 10:46 # 5 Comments
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  Obama should say, "I have real feelings and care about all people."

He is authentic and cares from his heart.

Obama's campaign is paying for his trip, not the American taxpayers. I am glad to continue contributing money to have Obama represent America around the world.

Enjoy Obama!
  Julie | Homepage | E-Mail | 24.07.2008, 05:54  
  Ho jo to ho he! Ho jo to ho he! Ho jo to ho he!

--Richard Wagner, Die Walkuere, Act 2, Brunhilde's War Cry
  berliner 1 | Homepage | E-Mail | 24.07.2008, 05:37  
  Ich bin kein berliner,ich liebe hamburger!  
  karl mahler | Homepage | E-Mail | 23.07.2008, 17:51  
  Ich liebe dich Deutschland  
  Jess | Homepage | E-Mail | 23.07.2008, 14:40  
  @the admission comment: Although I wouldn't be suprised if some people paid more than a few Euros so that they can get a few minutes to talk to Obama. Although I wonder how much this little trip around the world is talking out of the war chest. Even with minimal aids, it's going to be ha hefty sum.  
  Ann Richardson | Homepage | E-Mail | 23.07.2008, 13:27