Sing up for the Stripes!
  I hate to say I told you so...actually, that's a lie. I am actually, physically rubbing my hands with glee over this news - not out of self-satisfaction but out of the fact that my faith in football fandom has been strengthened.

As I predicted in my first blog entry on June 1, the insipid and un-footie-inspiring, corporate sell-out single "Can You Hear Me?", the official tournament song by Enrique Inglesias, has been exposed as utter dross by the discerning fans at Euro 2008. I'm also glad to inform you that it will be joined in bargain bin purgatory for eternity by the shameless cash-in, "Feel the Rush" - the official mascots' theme (yes, they get one too) by Shaggy, a man who sounds like he needs to be directed to the nearest toilet - and fast.

According to a recent report from Reuters, these two heinous examples of how wrong the people who run soccer events can be have been eclipsed by a luminous piece of rawk'n'roll that has won the hearts and voices of supporters in every host city and stadium: "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes.

The song has become ubiquitous due to its thudding "der-de-de-de-de-der-derrr" guitar riff which can be sung just so as a catch-all celebratory cry or can be used as a basis for an adapted chant. (The Italians sing "Cam-pioni-del-Mon-do" - world champions - to the riff). It can be heard accompanying the arrivals of teams from the tunnel onto the pitch, on the packed terraces, in fan zones across Austria and Switzerland and on TV and radio shows. It is THE unofficial theme song of Euro 2008 and proves that the fans - and not the suits - know what makes a soccer tournament tick. And that's a ballsy tune that can get everyone in the stands rocking, regardless of country or allegiance.

Good work people!
After three...1,2,3..."Der-de-de-de-de-der-derrr..."
Nick Amies 20.06.2008, 18:03 # 1 Comment
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  I have just returned to Lisbon from Switzerland after Portugal's defeat and can confirm that the White Stripes are ruling the Euros. I heard Enrique maybe one time and I did not know what it was at first. The White Stripes song gets everyone happy and it made a great atmosphere at the games I saw.  
  Orlando Peron | Homepage | E-Mail | 21.06.2008, 11:33