Adding absurdity to insult added to injury
  Boy, do I feel sorry for Hamburg and their fans. A couple of weeks ago, the Northern Germans were in the hunt for three titles. Now, they’re out of the UEFA and German Cups and have only an outside chance of capturing the league crown.

To make matters worse, their failures in the two cup competitions came against their most hated rivals, fellow Northern Germans Werder Bremen.

And to cap it all off, the corner kick that led to Bremen’s decisive third goal in Thursday’s game apparently happened when the ball hit a rolled-up wad of paper thrown on to the pitch by one of Hamburg’s own fans.

Talk about absurdity added insult added to injury!

And there many be a further bitter irony in store.

Bremen have come in for heavy criticism of late for resting star players like Diego in the league to save them for the cup competition. The loudest complainer was, of course, Hamburg.

But with Diego now banned from the UEFA Cup final after picking up a third yellow card, coach Thomas Schaaf will have little reason to leave him out of the squad for Bremen’s next match – which is, of course, against Hamburg
Jefferson Chase 08.05.2009, 12:58 # 0 Comments
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